The Dobermann Puppies are transported by a DEFRA licenced carrier which ensures that the puppies are transported legally in a fully inspected vehicle to ensure their well being.The welfare of our puppies is paramount to us.

The commercial importation of puppies is strictly regulated by the relevant authorities and all the necessary licences are in place  to ensure that the puppies are imported legally into the UK

  • All our puppies have valid Pet Passport
  • All Puppies have an Intra Trade Health Certificate
  • All Puppies are Inspected by DEFRA before sale
  • All our microchipped for identification
  • Are fully vaccinated and have been health checked by a vet
  • You will receive an FCI export Pedigree in your name

Traditionally in Europe and the USA the Dobermann has been docked and cropped, again certain countries now ban this leaving the breed to be natural. We believe the Dobermann was bred to be docked and cropped like Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann specified. The most important thing we believe is that people have the right to choose how they see the breed ie, cropped and docked, docked only or natural.